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Marking Up Jepp Charts in FF9
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Why ForeFlight®?

Safe flying is all about work load reduction and aeronautical decision making.  ForeFlight©​ is the world's best application for iPads and iPhones that makes everything from getting a weather briefing to situational awareness easier and better making you the pilot much safer in flight.
Why should I pay for training?

Learning to use any new technology by reading an online manual or by experimenting in-flight is dangerous.  There are more airspace pilot deviations caused by people using apps incorrectly than by using paper charts.  Why risk your safety or your certificate?  Train with the pros to stay safe and get the most out of this amazing program.
What the best way to train?

We offer 3 different video formats to train.  That way you get to choose the best training option for yourself!
Trust in our expert hands. All training is done by our ATP, Master Instructor with over 6,800 hours of real world experience.
Version 9 DVD, USB OR ONLINE Shipping Now!
Spend over 8 hours at your convenience with our Master CFI
ForeFlight®9 VFR and IFR Step by Step 3 Disk DVD Set from PilotSafety.org
This DVD with an expert is a recording of an actual step by step planning of an IFR flight using ForeFlight®Spend over 8 hours with our Master Instructor in the convenience of your own home on your schedule
Available on USB Stick, DVD, or online
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