Pilot Safety Videos

Learn from a Master Instructor on your schedule at work or home.  All of the programs are recordings of our popular seminar series that we present at aviation shows all over the country.  Every program is filled with real-world tips and safety information never taught in flight schools.  Learn how to have more fun and be much safer while flying. These programs are perfect for student pilots up to very experienced instructors!  This is not textbook or FAA PTS learning, it's real-life tips from a pro in an entertaining and easy to follow video.

They have been created to allow pilots from anywhere in the world to get the same great safety training we offer several times a year at every national show.   Any of the paid dvd's and video downloads that you buy raise the money for us to continue our mission of reducing General Aviation Accidents from pilot error. Thanks for your support.

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All of our paid videos are now available in 2 formats:
1. DVD Best Picture Designed for DVD Players
2. Online (Requires a high speed internet connection)
  • All videos include step-by-step instructions to make anyone a pro
  • Detailed real-life examples with in-flight footage
  • Correcting common mistakes and Pro Shortcuts
Avidyne IFD 550/540/440 Master Training
  • >4 hours with Real In-Flight Video

    >8 hours of easy
     Step by Step Training to do at home!

      8+ hours with a Master Flight Instructor that will take you slowly step by step through everything you need to use ForeFlight safely in-flight!
    Contents include:
      Subscription and Downloads, Aircraft Set-up,
    Weight and Balance, Custom Waypoints
    Flight Planning, Filing and, Briefing,
    Maps and Overlays, Airport Directory,
      Weather and Weather Overlays, ADS-B Traffic and Weather,
    AHRS and Synthetic Vision and, more!
    Learn at your own pace and follow along on your iPad.

    Garmin GTN 750/650 Master Training
    • >4 hours with Real In-Flight Video

    GARMIN G1000 Master Training DVD NOW
    • >6 hours with Real In-Flight Video

    GARMIN 430/530 Master Training DVD NOW
    • >4 hours of Real In-Flight Video


    IFR Mastery with IFR Made Easy / Advanced IFR

    2 different courses for over 3 hours of training from the National expert in Single Pilot IFR.  Learn 20 real-life tips guaranteed to make your IFR easier and Safer


     FREE Video trainings for Pilot Safety Members
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    Introduction to the Garmin 430/530
    This is an introduction to Garmin 430/530 for people new to the system. This 90 minute webinar is taught in a fun style that will help make you safer when flying with the Garmin GPS. You will learn how to update databases, perform a self check and learn about the most commonly used functions including some shortcuts and use in an emergency.

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    Wx Accidents and How To Avoid Them

    Join two of PilotSafety.org's Master Instructors on a 90 minute discussion of three different general aviation weather accidents. This free and entertaining class will not only show what went wrong but teach you how to keep from making the same weather mistakes. A must attend class for anyone from a student pilot to and experienced flight instructor. FAA Wings Credit will be given to attendees.

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    Teaching with Technology for Flight Instructors

    Join Rod Machado and Master CFI Gary Reeves in a 90 minute discussion of how using technology to help students learn in guided self study reduces time and cost for the student, increases the success rate on check rides and makes the CFI better.

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    Using the new 1800WXBrief.com

    A one hour entertaining and educational seminar with Master CFI,II,MEI Gary Reeves, that explains how to use the amazing new technology and safety programs of the new 1800wxbrief.com.  Learn how you can open and close flight plans by text or email, how they can now trigger early and more accurate search and rescue ops, how the new site even helps you pick the best altitude, departure time and more!


    5 Tips to a higher written test score
    -5 Tips to a higher score on the Private Pilot Written Test.  5 Simple guaranteed ways to get a better score on the FAA written.  Perfect for students AND INSTRUCTORS.  This free webinar is guaranteed to improve scores.

    Your host is a 5000hr+ ATP, Master Instructor and Lead Safety Rep for the FAA Safety Team  He is also a testing center supervisor for a Lasergrade FAA Approved testing center that averages 2-3 tests every day..

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    Hello My Name is Airspeed
    Your host Mike Jesch is an airline Captain , Master Instructor and Lead Safety Rep for the FAA Safety Team  He will take you on an entertaining and informative tour of the airspeed indicator and what most pilots don't know!

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    10 Ways your iPad can cause
    FAA Violations & Accidents
    Your host Gary Reeves, is a 5000hr+ ATP, Master Instructor and Lead Safety Rep for the FAA Safety Team. New technologies like ForeFlight and WingX but are now causing an increase in FAA Violations because of these simple mistakes.

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    ForeFlight Basics - A Beginner's Guide to Getting Started
    This is a MUST WATCH for anyone new to or considering getting ForeFlight.  Spend 90 minutes with a Master CFI as we cover getting started and basic use including:
    New subscription plan details
    Weight & Balance
    Emergency Use
    Much more.


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    Title of DVDs if 3 Pack
    Mountain Flying
    Learn from a Master Instructor who lives and flies at a mountain airport.  This is real world important stuff every pilot should know

    Night Flying
    Did you know that red light is bad and hurts night vision.  Learn this and over an hour more of information critical to night flying safety your instructor never taught you...

    Surviving Engine Failures and In-Flight Fires
    Over an hour with a 5,500 hour ATP who has survived both engine failures and fires.  This is the real world survival keys that every pilot must learn and every CFI should teach.
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