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This free service available to any pilots is supported by Avemco, the insurance company that rewards you for being part of the FAA Safety Program.
Pilot Safety Institute has some of the best experts in the industry that volunteer their time to help make general aviation safer.  We have hosted live events and webinars that allow people to ask almost anything they want. Our experts have enjoyed this so much that they would like to open it up to everyone.


1. We can not answer any questions about if or when the FAA will change policy.
     (we don't make the decisions....so demanding to know when the FAA will abolish a medical or some such is kind of futile)
2. Please make your question as simple as possible.
     (Angry opinion essays of 1000 words are more are not really helpful)
3. The answers shared by our VOLUNTEER experts are offered to help.  This site is not to be considered legal advice or law.  Please remember you are solely responsible to know and follow all appropriate FAR's.
4. We cannot guarantee answers to every question, and will try to answer questions within a few days.
5. Some questions and answers are posted online for the benefit of others.
6. You must stop and look both ways BEFORE crossing the street....
     (Sorry, my mom made me put that one in, long story....)

Please mention in your comments who the question is for:
  1. Aviation Attorney
  2. Air Traffic Controller
  3. Aviation Medical Examiner
  4. FAA Representative
  5. Master Instructor Jesch - (Airline Captain, Wing-X)
  6. Master Instructor Mahany - (King Air Instructor, Weather expert)
  7. Master Instructor Reeves - (IFR, Mountain  Flying, Fly Q/ForeFlight, Garmin)
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