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Upcoming Classes 2018/19:
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All Times are CENTRAL Time unless noted:
Avidyne 8 Hr Mastery
Sat Jan 19th 9a - 5pm
Ft Worth Tx Area
Limited to only 20 pilots

Avidyne 8hr Mastery
Fri Feb 9th 9a - 5pm
Orlando, FL (Before Aviation Mastery)
Limited to only 20 pilots

Aviation Mastery- 2 DAY EVENT!
Sat/Sun Feb 9/10th
Orlando, Fl (Near KORL)
Special 2 day pilot education event featuring:
Gary Reeves, PilotSafety.org
Jason Schappery, MzeroA.com
Jamie Becket, AOPA
and More!
Very Limited Seating, Save $100 and guarantee your seat now.



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Many classes are avail as free or low cost videos.

When pilots ask you for a quote or purchase new avionics, what are you doing to help close the sale and reduce lost time and money?
By simply giving this free brochure to every quote or purchase you will:
-Close more sales faster.  Pilots who watch an intro video see the value in upgrading.
-Pilots will know how to work the unit BEFORE they pick up the plane.  How much time do you give away for free by training them and answering questions?
-Get more referrals.  A lot of shops will sell them the same product, if your shop provides free training you will be the one that cares!
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Ask yourself this:
  1. Do I believe that pilots need to be safe not just meet the minimum standards?
  2. Do I think that being safer requires an investment of time and effort to become a better pilot?
  3. Do I want to make a difference and change how outsiders see "little planes" from being dangerous to fun and safe?
If you answered yes...

Join >15,000 other pilots who are just like you.  Our group of pilots are dedicated to making flying easier and safer.
Members get access to free downloads and videos, advance notice of classes, and discounts on DVD's and paid trainings!
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